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This sugary cute Match 3 game may be the sweetest temptation since the invention of bubble shooters - and it's free of any calories! From its visual art style to the music, from its gameplay mechanics to its sheer size, Candy Bubble is one of the most ambitious bubble shooter games in the world. It looks cute, but don’t be fooled. There are a lot of challenges you have to face if you want to beat all 1000 levels. Yes, you read that right. Candy Bubbles features an astonishing amount of levels, and it might take a while if you want to beat all of them.

If you like candy crush saga, bejeweled, frozen free fall, jewels, jewels3, bejeweled blitz, bubble star, bubble pop, bubble breaker, jewels saga legend or any other match 3 style game, you will love Candy Bubble.

Each level has a specific goal you have to complete before you can move forward to the next. In general there is one rule you should follow if you want to beat each of the 1000 levels: play smart and always go for the big clusters. The bigger the cluster you destroy, the more bonus points you will receive.

Bubble shooters are based on the classic Match 3 formula, so your goal is to match at least three candy bubbles of the same color to burst them and remove them from the field. And as in any other Connect 3 game it is even more effective to match big bubble clusters instead of just 3 bubbles at once to earn delicious bonus points. Can you earn all three stars? It’s a real Puzzle Bubble experience. Bubble Pop at its best.

Despite its colorful visuals Candy Bubble Shooter also features a very relaxing soundtrack to accompany you on your journey to become the best bubble shooter player of them all.

1000 levels of epic bubble fun await you.

Candy Bubble Shooter features:

- 1000 sweet and super addictive levels will keep you playing for hours
- super cute and high quality visuals
- tons of level goals to complete
- bubble swap function which allows you to switch between two bubbles
- playable in landscape and portrait mode

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